Bugs & Features Status

Next Release Target is 2.7.0. Expected Release date October 2nd, 2006

The following is a summary extract from the sourceforge tracker of bugs and features for OpenHPI categorized by release. Everything is color coded according to the following legend:
Open and Unassigned Open and Assigned Pending (Beta quality) Closed and Fixed

Release Status for 2.7.0

Blade Center Plugin
1541402Re structure snmp_bc to use new oh_event definitionpeter dinh phanClosed - Accepted
812848Plug-in to Infrastructure InterfaceTariq ShureihOpen - Accepted
HPI Utils
1524018Move exposed definitions in h files to c filesSteve ShermanOpen - None
IPMI Direct plugin
1548421Support of auto insertion/extraction timeouts != 0&-1Pierre SangouardOpen - None
OpenHPI Daemon
1546774Adapt daemon readme into manpage for openhpidRenier MoralesOpen - None
OpenHPI base library
1533344Event/Resource processing enhancementsRenier MoralesOpen - None
1532156Enhancements to oHpi functionsRenier MoralesOpen - None
1532151Improve configuration by eliminating plugin linesRenier MoralesOpen - None
1531430Upgrade error messaging to use glib's apiRenier MoralesOpen - None
1113817Model the reset return status for some Platformsvadim revyakinOpen - Remind
Simulator Plugin
1533338Injector API without using linux queuesRenier MoralesOpen - None
1263998sim_sanityXXX uses the poison sprintf() utilRenier MoralesOpen - None
Blade Center Plugin
1163946Missing event \\\\\\\"Power Supply x Removed\\\\\\\"peter dinh phanOpen - Remind
1078536set EvenLogOverflow flag depending on el cachepeter dinh phanOpen - None
Build System
1538808hpi_shell and simulator build problems after oh_event changeRenier MoralesClosed - Fixed
IPMI Direct plugin
1183829Map IPMI 0xcb return code to SA_ERR_HPI_NOT_PRESENTPierre SangouardOpen - Remind
OpenHPI base library
1546787process_resource_event may run only once when sessions = 0Renier MoralesOpen - None
Test Suites
1058377rpt diff testsRenier MoralesOpen - None
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